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I am Csaba Farkas. My aim is to make the MAGNUM dog carrying box available for everybody.   This box is unique and incomparable in the world in size with which users can save space and money during shipping their dogs.

Fully Suitable for Land, Water  and Air Transport

and many more

Unique size

  • Length: 115 cm / 45.3 inch
  • Height: 85 cm / 33.5 inch
  • Width : 69 cm / 27.2 inch

Lock clips

With 3 easy moves, the cage can be completely closed with the help of the 8 lockable clips..

Double bowl

Fixedly fastenable onto the door. Can be used for food and water, too.
Capacity: 1 liter / 0,26 Gal US

6 point safety metal door

  • Very strong metal door
  • With push & turn safety lock
  • 6 points closing door
  • Available to also close with cable bundle
  • The holes of the grid do not exceed the maximum of 25x25 mm (1 in * 1 in)
  • Locking pins extend the length of 1.6 cm
  • 4 extra locking points with the help of cable binders

Bronze insert screw

With the help of 13 bronze insert screws, the carrier can be made stonger and loadable even up to 100 kg.

Big metal windows

The total ventilation opening must be at least 16 % (IATA), but in the case of Magnum boxes it exceeds with more percentages.

The maximum size openings in the welded mesh must be 25 mm*25 mm (1 in * 1 in) as it can be seen.

Cable bundle points

Tested with 180kg

You don’t have to worry about being crushed at the airport, this carrier is with a high load capacity. We tested with 180kg / 396.8lbs.

Loading  grip

Lifting points: there are 2-2 lifting points on both sides with we can move the box in case of maximum loading, too.

From design to delivery

Watch how easy the install

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